Your interest is just the start of a delightful experience through Yoga to the heart of yourself and all the potential within. Whether a beginner or experienced practitioner your participation here is valuable not only to you, your wellness of body, mind and spirit but in serving the greater whole. In this beautiful space dedicated teachers offer to enrich lives so all may shine more fully.

Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio opened 2012 in a convenient west coast location near Holetown. It is a sanctuary in the trees, near the sea and the spacious airy room is open to nature. Students of all levels can enjoy gentle to active classes.

Here professional caring teachers share a variety of styles of yoga and pay special attention to the individual. This is a place where you can feel safe and comfortable whether trying something totally new, or maintaining and expanding your regular yoga practice.

Expect exploration and play as well as a deeper experience of you through a range of yoga practices. We always encourage wellness, self growth and strive to help all to leave feeling good, happy and connected. Come with an open heart and mind to soak up the joys of yoga and awaken to living more fully. Keep shining!

The meaning behind the name, ‘Sunshine Kula Yoga studio’  

The Sunshine name arose not only because of our beautiful Barbados sunshine that sustains, energises and helps us beam, but also due to the radiant light within us all. It is that light which we endeavour to brighten, that ever present light which we aspire to illuminate ourselves with more fully and share with others, that Divine light, that light which (like the sun) we all share in union. Feel more radiant!

Kula means Community, community of the heart or family of people who collectively bring more joy, uplift each other and wish to expand the experience of oneness. Here community spirit is upholding the principle that yoga is for all, and here we are a friendly community where many connect to others making new friends and nurturing relationships. May we come together to support our small communities, island and globally. We offer Community classes (donation if classes over stretch you budget. In the same breath we welcome donations from those who can help students in need)

Sunshine/Kula is a play on words,  Radiant warmth and cooler! Yoga that is both bright and energising and cooling and calming. We recognise the importance of equilibrium, the sun/moon qualities, the Yin/Yang, the fire/water, the strength/ softness, the masculine/feminine, the power/grace. These opposites bring empowerment and gentleness and all the qualities between that shift daily within. We encourage sensitivity and increasing awareness of these energies that play within so that we learn what we most need to move towards, where we need to be and make changes as required.

P.S We do use mindful hand on adjustments to aid an understanding and feeling of  alignment which are a splendid part of our practice. While most love this and feel it is one of the benefits of being here we understand that this is not suitable for all. Please let us know if you’d prefer no hand on adjustments.