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A few days ago @jamaalroach told me that it was exactly 2 years since he’d started yoga! I was impressed that he knew that precisely and I’m always impressed with his commitment to his practice, his progress and friendly demeanor towards everyone.
Thank you Jamaal for sharing the below comments and being a devoted student.
Two years ago, I decided to give yoga a try primarily to increase my flexibility for martial arts. Over that time, with the guidance of the excellent and knowledgeable Pam, Christina and other amazing yoga teachers at the studio I have seen steady progress in strength, mobility and body awareness on a whole. Besides the physical benefits, the practice of being present and accepting how my body feels with no judgement or expectations has had a positive impact on my daily life. I am grateful to be able to practice in such a welcoming and encouraging environment and consider walking into the studio for my first class to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
He has got very good at relaxing too!! I’m sorry that I don’t have more action photos.
Would you like to start yoga? Contact me.

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