Anusara Yoga – Most classes with Pamela are Anusara sessions( including Foundations). ‘Anusara’ means to flow with Grace. It is a heart opening joyful practice with focus on 5 Universal Principles of Alignment ™ that enhance your practice.  Wise sequencing and precise alignment allows for greater opening, energy flow and change. The practice involves steady unhurried flow as well as held poses with postural instruction. While strong and focused there is always breath awareness to serve softness, connection and expression from ‘inside out’. We often pause for play, demonstration and exploration to deepen understanding and many ‘Ahaa’ moments and smiles.  The asana practice is interspersed with uplifting Tantric philosophy which is theme based to assist in unveiling the inherent goodness and beauty within all.  You will leave feeling freer and inspired to take your yoga off the mat into daily living. Find out more about Anusara Yoga here.

‘Basics’ and ‘Foundations’ – are for beginners AND those wishing to explore more detailed alignment and understanding of breath work in steadiness and flow. Here the fundamentals of asana(postures) and breath are practiced(learnt) while strength and flexibility developed. Effort is required as is learning to be soft and how to relax. Commitment and discipline are encouraged as all these qualities are foundations to deepening any yoga practice and into the self. Foundations 2 on Wednesdays is now Level 1 as its been found so useful to many!

Gentle/Therapeutic – classes are based on Yoga Therapy and wellness at all levels- body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit. It does involve therapeutics for joints and muscles, helping with injury and prevention with particular emphasis on back care but also much more. Practices induce relaxation with a variety of de- stressing techniques, deep awareness, breath, gentle movements and stretches. The bodies innate healing ability is optimised through many tools of Yoga. To name a few in addition to the more familiar asana, practices include, somatics, yin postures, restorative, yoga nidra, mudra and meditation all to assist in bringing a state of equilibrium and bliss! Expect a different focus each week and sometimes more specialised themes such as Chakras or Ayurveda. These ALL level classes are good for those who find it difficult to be active, those who do powerful yoga and need to unwind and balance, beginners and those with specific health issues or suffer from insomnia, anxiety or depression. Find optimal functioning of all systems of the body and mental wellbeing.

Vinyasa – Popular around the globe, vinyasa is flowing sequences in coordination with the breath. Classes start with gentle warming flow and build to varying intensities through evolving sequences. Once well warmed( or heated!) seated and supine stretches calm the body and mind. Movement is to music, sometimes gentle and sometimes popular upbeat for more vigour and to enjoy the dance of body and breath. No matter how powerful, one is always encouraged to honour the body and pause or where required to take care, rest and to assist in maintaining connection to meditational flow. Modifications will be given to assist. If you are a well practiced vinyasa student it is permissible to add variations. Every session ends with relaxation.

Core Yoga – Great for all! We all need to focus on our centre as our core is so important for many of our asana in yoga, our everyday posture, back care and our self empowerment. The class includes specific actions that we use in yoga practice to support, tone, and align in stillness and in flow. Sometimes the session involves parts from other disciplines, Barre work, Pilates, and floor work to assist with strengthening and our connection to the different areas that constitute the core. These important action’s and awareness are infused into a fun and active yoga session. Fire up to the core, build passion in your life, sweat and smile but know that you can always rest or do more.

Beach Rise & Shine – The early morning beach class (please book in advance). Bring in the day in soft light and shadows on the beach. Watch the brightness and change across the sea and feel it rise within you as you salute the day. This class of more quiet Surya Namaska (sun salutation flow) focuses on non complicated, non hurried flow with the breath, less talk of detailed alignment, a few seated poses, savasana on the sand open to space and seated meditation. The entire flow is meditation in movement and nature.

*Bring a large beach towel/sarong or similar as mats don’t work well on the sand. Wear a swimsuit under yoga gear if you wish to swim after. Special sunset beach classes are sometimes offered on Friday or Saturday evenings for meditation, full and new moon events or your special requests.

Yoga & Sound – A mixed level flow class closing with popular gong and sound savasana. The flow starts gently with a gradual build to a more energetic peak, a seated or lying down cooling and stretch. We move into long blissful deep relaxation to the therapeutic vibrations of gong and percussion for a deep clearing and healing experience. * Look out for our Gong Bath special events to clear, balance and replenish. Raise to higher vibrational level.

Community Classes – We really do believe that if someone is keen to learn and practice yoga that they should not be hindered if the class cost is beyond what they can afford. Community Classes help yoga become accessible to more people- pay what is affordable, e.g $10-20? Another option is to attend at a reduced fee and offer to help out at the studio in some way (the practice of Seva). Those who can afford can donate to assist dedicated yoga students to attend extra classes. If you know if someone who would love to try yoga or you think it would really help them please let them know of these community offerings.
In the low season we offer ‘student’ rate for youngsters. June – October. Local teachers can attend 10am Fridays at a reduced rate.