About This Lesson

These classes are for beginners and those wishing to explore more detailed alignment and understanding of breath work in steadiness and flow. Here, the fundamentals of Asana (postures) and breath are practiced (learnt) while strength and flexibility developed. Foundations 1(or Basics) on Monday  is more general Hatha Yoga Basics. A great place to start(as are the gentle classes).

Foundations 2 with Pamela on Wednesday is more precise Anusara Principles of Alignment, a system that honours the physical body as it helps good alignment and knowledge that heightens stability, safety and good flow of energy. Effort is required as is learning to be soft and how to relax. Commitment and discipline are encouraged as all these qualities are foundations to deepening any yoga practice and into the self. This session is unhurried but does challenge some as we hold and concentrate on actions that align. We work with precession and often workshop style as well as learning steady flow with great alignment cues.

The Instructor


 I have been teaching yoga for 23 years here in beautiful  Barbados. I am honoured to be the founder of and principle teacher at Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio (SKY).  I am a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher and Advanced teacher of Therapeutic Yoga. I teach enthusiastically as I am passionate about this enlightening practice that brings […]

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Monday - Foundations Instructor: Pamela 9.300am - 10.30am
Wednesday Instructor: Pamela 9.30am - 10.45am


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