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‘Reconnecting to Spirit’  Sunday 15th January. 9- 11.30/12.00 $100Bds/50USD -Guest TEACHER Troy Hadeed.


In the world of yoga today, there is so much emphasis on postures, lineage, alignment, and approach that we seem to have forgotten the very depth of Yoga philosophy and teaching. This workshop brings intimacy and intention to the vinyasa practice while facilitating a new relationship with breath and reconnecting each individual to their understanding of Spirit. Essentially this practice asks us to contemplate the ‘Why’ of yoga practice and invites us to connect to something beyond the physical form of the practice. 

The workshop begins with 45-60 mins of lecture & discussion surrounding the anatomy of breath and how it relates to the embodiment of Yoga before proceeding into a strong but accessible 90min Vinyasa practice.

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