About This Lesson

Great for all! We all need to focus on our centre as our core is so important for many of our asana in yoga, our everyday posture, back care and self empowerment. The class includes specific actions that we use in yoga practice to support, tone, and align in stillness and in flow. Sometimes the session involves parts from other disciplines, Barre work, Pilates, and floor work to assist with strengthening and our connection to the different areas that constitute the core, it’s not just an abdominal workout! These important action’s and awareness are infused into a fun and active yoga session. Fire up to the core, build passion in your life, sweat and smile but know that you can always rest or do more.


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The Instructor


Hi I’m Christina and I teach quite an active class yet always open to all. My teaching is a direct reflection of my personal practice fed by my heart and emotions. Classes are living energy with twist and turns, some soft pauses infused with the unpredictable moments of strength and core power. I promise some […]

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Friday Instructor: Christina 8:00am - 9:00am