I started yoga as a child due to my mother being a yoga teacher. Working life began as a Physical Education and Educational Dance school teacher. Over twenty years ago, I started teaching yoga in my island home of Barbados.  My initial teacher training was with Integrative Yoga Therapy which I still teach today. I experienced other schools of yoga and it was not long after that I landed in the world of Anusara yoga. I began to seriously study the method, and in 2007 I became a licensed Anusara Inspired Teacher. Through continued study and dedicated teaching in Barbados I opened Sunshine Kula Yoga Studio in 2012 which I continue to own and operate today. In 2018, while already well qualified, I decided to study more, do exams for the love of learning and higher certification. I am thrilled to call myself a Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher and be part of this community of amazing teachers.

My teaching is creative and uplifting with a focus on good alignment and awareness to create openings in body mind and heart. I believe that aligning the body well provides safety and helps one open up energetically to clear the way for deeper insight, conscious change and balancing the ups and downs of daily living to feeling good! I balance precision with softness and freedom of movement to enjoy the dance of life.

My students say I am filled with an intention of keeping them safe and happy while helping them journey to know themselves more fully through my inspiration to take them a little further on and an off the mat. Students express how much they enjoy that ‘classes are never the same and there is always more to learn and experience’ They note how I manage to see so much in them and help them make wise adjustments to create new openings and potential on and off the mat.