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The new Back care class starts on this Monday 13th May at 9.30 a.m($30). If you have back issues, just want good protection or know someone, even if they don’t do yoga, who needs help please let them know.

This class will involve  therapeutic postures, sequences and actions. All Asana( postures) will focus on detailed alignment to optimise clearing, balance flexibility and strength and create spaciousness and stability. Awareness and breath attention will be paramount to help with the mind body emotional link. Much of the class will be gentle and lying down though there will be important elements of strengthening core and back muscles. There will be a longer than usual guided relaxation, visualisation and Yoga Nidra segment to the class. This will be excellent for calming the nervous system, helping to set intention and bring healing at all levels.

The practice will be based on my training in both Anusara Yoga Therapy and Integrative Yoga Therapy plus my experience at working with many people with back problems and my own self care. If you are new to the Studio please come early so that you can register and we can talk about your particular area of concern. I will offer suggestions for managing your back care at home, work and in everyday life and make suggestions of exercises for you to do at home.
We all need to look after our back health and live free of pain and discomfort.
Feel good,
Do the 8-9.15a.m Power Vinyasa class and then follow that with relax and rejuvenate in the above class for $45.00 instead of $60!!
Give yourself a healthy treat of a whole morning for you. Maybe just once in a while, like a workshop morning to feel so much better.

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