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Lift Your Spirit ~ Lift Your Face 
Exploring Facial Fitness 

Did you know that there are 43 muscles in your face? 57 if you count the neck! If you believe in stretching and strengthening your body to improve the way it feels and looks… why not apply the same methods to your lovely face? Using cold jade stones we explore various pressure points around the ears, jaw, scalp, forehead and cheeks. Learn to release stress patterns ( wrinkles ) with conscious relaxation techniques that you can take also use to improve your sleep and mental clarity. 

Kaitlen is super passionate about this subject as she the creator of a unique method of facial fitness called ‘Yoga From the Neck Up.’ Join her for an uplifting experience that will teach tools that will keep your inner smile alive for the rest of your life! 

Great investment in you- $50 please reserve your space via email –

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