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Shaken But Not Stirred' A James Bond Themed Dynamic Flow class, FRIDAY 3rd 5.00-7.00pm  Taught by Judith Daniel.
     ‘Shaken But Not Stirred' –  centres around James Bond being the spiritual warrior/adventurer in all of us.  
          The beginning of a New Year is a good time to awaken this spirit and prepare us for the time ahead!  
Our mission is to channel our inner James Bond and take on the baddies, which are the Citta Vritti/fluctuations of the mind with the support of our secret weapons, Breath and Bandhas.  Set to a glorious James Bond soundtrack, it's a dynamic flowing journey, which may turn us upside down along the way, but our aim is stay centred and grounded on the mat and no matter how Shaken we become, to draw on the true power within, to remain Not Stirred like a true Yogi.  
It’s a busy social time of year but this will be a great way to energise for going out after or to give you a good fun evening out if you have no other plans! Come and have fun, learn and start the year with this special adventure spirit. We hope you will accept this assignment!

LOCATION – Sunshine Kula Studio
COST- $50.00 Bds
All levels welcome

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