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Saturday September 15th 4-6pm Ungrip the Hips and Psoas(pronounce So..Azz!)

We’ve all heard of this vital muscle called the Psoas. Physically, it is the only muscle that connects the upper and lower body. On an emotional level, the psoas as a messenger to and from the brain. 

 Kaitlen will guide you into deeper awareness of your Psoas muscles and the hips. 

The hip is one of the largest and most versatile joints in the body. Alignment of the hips brings freedom to our spine, knees, ankles, and addresses our gait and posture. Activity of everyday life, coupled with emotional and physical stress, is often the culprit for the tightness and discomfort of our hips. 

Let’s dive deep into increasing mobility in all movements of the hips using traditional yoga poses, PNF and myofascial release techniques. Myofascial release is the loosening the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and joints. Come join the party of releasing the ‘issues in the tissues’ through awareness, breath, and technique. You will leave lighter in body and mind. 

Just $50bds for more freedom. 

Please book!

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