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Zhenja La Rosa


Caribbean Anusara Yoga Community Presents

Yoga with Zhenja La Rosa


Meet Your Edge: Approaching Obstacles In the Embrace of Ganesha

Saturday March 16th, 2013 | 9 – 12 noon

Sunshine Kula Studio |  All Levels  | BBD $90

In this workshop, rich in the Tantric tradition of myth, Zhenja will tell the story of Ganesha as your own story, and explain how this aspect of ourselves as The Lord of Obstacles can help us to gain leverage over every experience, particularly when we find ourselves up against a boundary. We will learn about the tools at our disposal to work through any obstacle, as we explore arm balances, deep hip openers and twists.


YogaNerd: Core Practice

Saturday March 16th, 2013 |  3 – 5 PM

Sunshine Kula Studio | All Levels | BBD $60

YogaNerd is Zhenja's signature style of practicing in teaching, wherein she takes on specific aspect of the practice or body and turns it like a jewel, to look at it from every different perspective such that all of its facets show us a new face of ourselves. In this workshop, we'll explore how to rally the core abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to create space and support our backbends and forward bends.


Advancing Your Practice with Zhenja La Rosa

Friday 15th March | 9 – 1 PM

The Sanctuary at Staplegrove | Intermediate | BBD $150

In this three hour practice, Zhenja will share the cuting edge of insights and revelations from her practice. She will offer strategies for developing your own personal practice, and give each participant personalized tools for advancing their practice in the way they wish to grow. Come with a question and something that you want to work on!


Wondrous Are The Worlds Of Yoga

Sunday March 17th 2013  |  9 – 12 noon

Sukha Studio | All Levels | BBD $90

In the yoga tradition, it is said that there is always 3/4 more to reality than what we see or experience. We will explore the more that is present and available to us right now by using two tried and true strategies: taking the familiar, what you know intimately, and making it strange and wondrous by approaching it in a way; and taking the truly unfamiliar and bringing it to the realm of your experience, by practice and repetition. This all levels workshop will offer a taste of all classes of asana, including standing poses, inversions. arm balances, backbends and hip openers.


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Zhenja La Rosa

Zhenja’s teaching encourages students to explore the vast potential of their own hearts and bodies by emphasizing the transformative and therapeutic aspects of yoga. A dedicated practitioner since 1999, Zhenja has studied extensively in the Anusara Yoga tradition and was certified in 2005. In February 2012, she resigned her license with Anusara, Inc.

In her classes, Zhenja joyfully shares the insights from her dedicated personal practice and the revelations of everyday experience. Her teaching is informed by her longtime sadhana with Douglas Brooks in the empowering and life-savoring philosophy of the Rajanaka Tantra.

Known and sought after for her precision, clarity, and delight in detail, Zhenja is a true teachers’ teacher who has mentored and trained many teachers on the path of Anusara Yoga.

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