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The Art of Yoga Adjustments – A Mini-Training Module with Peter Goodman. February 4, 2018



The Art of Yoga Adjustments is training for the skilled practitioner and teachers of yoga asana from all yoga systems. This is a visual power point offering where each participant will receive a PDF manual by email through an email delivery system that will send large files. This is full color and shows adjustments for all the poses we will review and partner up on.

When the yoga student is misaligned and not in the general form of a pose there is the risk of muscular-skeletal injury. Learning in depth how to touch the body and where to place one’s hand to offer the refinements needed for the student to experience the happiest feeling from each pose makes an exceptional teacher and skilled practitioner.

We will work with principles of alignment and focus on touching the body properly guiding to adjust the biomechanics of the body to good alignment. We will work in a partner setting focusing on both upper body and lower body applying hands on adjustment with one another. We will also work with the energetic body to feel the connection or lack of connection to each other as adjusting and touching must be offered intuitively and with great sensitivity.

What you will learn in this training:

  • Learn how to use Principles of Alignment therapeutically to align the biomechanics of the muscular – skeletal system.
  • Learn how these principles, when applied helps aid in the release of discomfort in many areas of the body.
  • Learn how touching the body properly with the offers a stable but safe result for the student.
  • We will partner with one another for the full experience and provide feedback to each other and to the group, allowing us to learn the art of listening and receiving.
  • We will learn where to touch and adjust from and to, through the experience with our partners
  • We will explore working with the energetic body in order to first connect to one another intuitively and with great sensitivity

About the Teacher:


Peter Goodman, Certified Anusara® yoga teacher, E-RYT 500, YACEP

PeterGoodmanPeter has a playful spirit and loves to share this path of delight through his teaching of yoga.  He has been practicing yoga for 24 years and has had the great honor and pleasure of traveling worldwide to study with many great yogis in many corners of the world. He is passionate and sincere in offering students a place to journey to, a place filled with stability, freedom and integrity in alignment yet never forgetting the joy filled love of life, the highest teaching life offers! He has a special love for safe alignment teachings; therapeutic yoga and the proper hands on touch aspect of yoga. Peter teaches worldwide and offers private instruction as well as group trainings for the more serious student. Concurrently he has served as a guide and mentor to many along the way seeking his life earned wisdom and support as they go through major life changes.

Training Schedule

Sunday: 9am to 12noon and 2 to 5pm


Early Pay by January 26, 2018

BDS $260

Regular Price on/or after January 26, 2018

BDS $340 


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