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                       Ayurveda April

A whole month of incorporating & learning about The sister science of 

Yoga!  Ayurveda and Yoga are a natural union to experience 

connectedness and bring vibrant health. Together these disciplines 

form a complete program supporting prevention, healing and wellness. 

Each individual will receive guidance to assist in recognising and 

honouring their own unique true nature. This self discovery is a 

gateway to balanced health at every level of being and support the 

continued participation in living to achieve balance and vitality.

The Yoga Practice will be based on:- 

  • The energies of the five elements, your constitution and the Doshas
  • Heightening the senses and connecting to mother nature around and within.
  • Bringing harmony through the Gunas and diet.
  • Also attend some special events and learn routines and rituals for self care and habits you need to help change to better health.

Attend more regularly for a deeper immersion into it all as a gift to you 

and your health ONE MONTH SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP at reduced price 

for April $350. ( or attend drop in classes as usual…. but why not do 



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