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Full Moon Sadhana with Live Congo Drums
IMG_0691Friday 31st July 5.45 – 7.30 only $40

It’s Time for Change, the feeling is to thrive rather than just survive

Awaken your senses
Get turned on to life
Light up

Ladies, step onto your mats and into your Fully radiant power on this Full Moon. The Moon is a feminine mother energy that nurtures you deeply to your own true nature, which is full and luminous as the moon. the Moon is universal, everyone may look up at Her in the world and know we are connected! let’s connect! 

 The moon’s feminine energy mirrors a woman, both have many faces/phases, this sadhana (spiritual journey) invites you to go deeper into your own cycle as a woman and awaken. You will learn ways of getting into your body, to feel deeply… Feelings are portals to go inwa

rds and gift you with the opportunity to come into the heart of you and Yoga and light up!  The deep resonating rhythmical sounds of the drums will move you sweetly in to your own rhythm which mirrors in the sweet fluid, liberating lunar vinyasa flow, be caressed and seduced deeper within your body!

after the 21 Day Challenge this is a celebration of you, yoga and Life :: Living your Yoga in rhythm wit he beat of your heart, the beat of the universe and the beat of the drums!

are you ready to fully shine?

Hope so!

Join Michelle on your mats and blossom fully like the Full Moon!

This is an intimate event and places are limited and must be booked and paid in advance before the date. 
register via email or talk to Pamela and Michelle at the studio.
let’s all come fully into our shining feminine spirit – Shakti , book now.









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