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All too often we move through life carrying a weight we’re not even aware of until it is no longer present.  Our shoulders round and hike up as we hunch forwards, our chin juts out as our head tilts forwards, the chest caves in and the belly rolls out.  This physical posture has a tremendous effect on our health, minds and emotions and our ability to navigate life with energy, purpose, integrity and authenticity.

This workshop offers a practical guide to improving flexibility and posture through self stretches that promote the free flow of energy through the meridians. By focusing on areas in the body where tension is commonly held we can engage the fascial network and facilitate changes such as: 

  • improvements in structural alignment and posture
  • improvements in circulation
  • improved biomechanics leading to better performance in sports and exercise
  • improvements in mood and energy
  • regulating effect on the nervous system
  • improvements in respiratory function

The workshop will be facilitated by Suzette Chin, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and trainer of Revive Resistance Stretching. 

To register onto this workshop please contact The Natural Centre on (+1 246) 429 1901 or email

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